Are you ready for professional help with your social media?


Think back to a decade ago.

Back then, most small business owners advertised locally. They went to the newspapers, the radio, local magazines, maybe even billboards. They probably had a budget of $500 to $1,000 a month that they spent on advertising.

But when social media came along, a lot of owners abandoned their advertising budgets.

“I don’t need to spend money on advertising, I can advertise on Facebook.”

When I was in the newspaper business I started hearing this more and more from our clients.

And maybe that was true when Facebook was just getting started. You could post on Facebook and people would see it. Most businesses had a Facebook account and they found it was easy to understand how to connect with customers and potential customers.



But then Facebook started getting more advanced with its algorithms. Facebook removed business profiles and instead merged them into business pages. They purposefully limited the percentage of a business’s audience that ever saw the business’s posts.

First they knocked it down to something like 30 percent of a business’s followers saw any given post. Now it’s under 10 percent.


Because Facebook wants you to spend money on advertising, that’s why. If you have 500 followers and 450 see your post, then why would you spend money on advertising? But if you have 500 followers and 30 see your posts, then you’re forced to spend money on advertising.

Facebook also says it limited audience on business posts because it wanted the platform to not get too crowded and keep news feeds clean for users. But anyone who is on Facebook knows that feeds get filled up with paid advertisements all the time.



But it’s not just Facebook’s algorithms. Some business owners are really struggling with the message they’ve got going out on social media.

We spend a lot of time looking at what businesses big and small are doing on social media (it’s our job). The fact is, only a very few of the businesses we see are really killing it on social media. Most of them are fumbling around, and they come off looking anything but social.

I don’t want to be harsh about it, but it’s probably best that only 6% of your audience sees any given post.



We’re not just a social media management company. We’re also a content creation company. Because creating content is where we shine, we can produce content that will get you organic traffic.

But when you engage Mooncalf Press to handle your social media management, we take a portion of what you pay us each month and put that money behind some of our posts.

We build a custom audience to target the people most likely to spend money with you.

We gauge which posts to put money behind and which ones to leave to organic growth.

The result is that we get your posts seen by nothing less than 3 times the followers you have on your page. Typically it’s more than that. So if you have 500 followers on your business page, we’ll put your content in front of at least 1,500 people.

And this is advertising like it used to be. It’s not a post on social media that is sitting stagnant and unseen. It’s a post that is going to bring you new customers.



If you are ready to get started with a professional social media management company that is results driven and can help you get new customers, then hit this link and either give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to help you be more successful.



When it comes to social media management, we are well-positioned to help business-to-consumer retail or service industries connect with potential customers and grow their business. This would include anyone in retail, especially those with brick and mortar stores, who has a specialty boutique shop, a restaurant, a jewelry store, outdoors/hunting supply stores, or niche merchandise. We’ve worked with auto repair shops and people in the financial industry. We can help companies that provide services to homeowners, whether that’s lawn care or pest control, painting or construction/repairs.

We work with business owners and managers in Northeast Georgia, including Athens, Watkinsville and Oconee County, Monroe, Gwinnett County (Lawrenceville, Snellville, Loganville, Suwanee, Buford), Braselton, Winder and Barrow County, Madison and Morgan County, and Greensboro. If you’re close to any of those areas, let us know and we’ll be happy to see if we can work with you. We also do consultation and work with business owners all over the United States.



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