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Small business marketing course

small business marketing course

Finding a small business marketing course that will teach you practical marketing tactics is hard to do. With this course we will teach you to create compelling and shareable content that will connect you to your client base and community as someone they see as an expert in their field. I wanted to share with you an opportunity to enroll in our small marketing course created by Rob Peecher and Ken Sawyer. We wanted to offer this course to our personal network and give you the opportunity to enroll in our private launch. Granted this private launch is from June 28th – June 30th and will be closed after that. The course will start on July 5th for anyone that joins now. If the course is closed and you are interested please follow the link below and you will be given the opportunity to go on the waiting list for a public launch.

small business marketing course

If you want to learn more about the course, you can start at the link below. We put together three videos explaining more detail about the course, and I would encourage you to watch those.


If you talk to other small business owners about the course, what you can tell them is that if they are struggling with their social media and website marketing, this course can help them.

This small business marketing course can help them whether they want to:

• Really have a huge impact with social media and their website in building relationships with customers;
• Grow their business through a digital marketing campaign; or
• Have clarity in what they are doing online to market their business.

The typical business owner who takes the small business marketing course is going to start from a position of not really knowing how to use their social media, what to post about, how to connect with customers. They probably also are struggling with their website and how to make it more than just an online listing of their business.

Through the small business marketing course they will:

• Learn the theory behind brand journalism and how storytelling marketing can increase brand awareness and brand loyalty;
• Learn how to quickly and easily create written and video content designed to grow their customer base;
• Learn how to use social media and how to produce website content that will help them populate Google searches; and finally
• Develop a real strategy for having a robust digital marketing plan for the next 12 months.

The small business marketing course is a 12-week online course. Instruction is given through video. Through each of the 12 weeks a business owner will spend about an hour going through the course.

To ensure success, we have also created a private Facebook group only for enrollees in the course where we will be accessible to answer questions and provide further instruction.

If you are ready to buy this small business marketing course, here is the link