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Small Business Digital Marketing Facebook group

digital marketing group for small business owners

A couple of months ago we started a digital marketing group on Facebook for small business owners. It’s an active group where we discuss ideas around digital marketing – website marketing, social media marketing – and give tips for how small business owners can utilize brand journalism to leverage their story and market their business.

On Tuesdays, we offer tips about marketing on social media and how small business owners can leverage their company’s social media accounts to grow their business.

On Wednesdays we typically upload a video where we discuss brand journalism and offer tips about how small business owners can utilize brand journalism in their marketing efforts.

A digital marketing group for small business owners

Each week on Thursdays we do a live video in the group. During the live video we answer the questions people in the group have about digital marketing. We field questions about marketing on Youtube; we’ve talked about marketing on LinkedIn; we discuss marketing on Instagram; we answer questions about marketing on Facebook. We also answer questions about SEO (search engine optimization).

On Fridays we encourage members of the group to share with us the content they are using to market their business online.

We’ve had some great successes where members of the group have credited their involvement in the group with spurring them to create content that very quickly brought them new customers.

The group is open to anyone who owns a small business and is interested in learning about digital marketing for their business. It’s free – there is no cost to join or be in the group – and we ask that the discussions be focused on digital marketing and that members no spam the group with links to products or advertising.

To give you an idea, we decided to share one of the Facebook Live videos we shot a few weeks ago where we discussed Cracker Barrel’s troubles after they fired Brad’s Wife and answered a couple of questions from the group.

If you’re a small business owner and you think this could be a resource that would help you learn how to better market your business through content marketing, please click the link and ask to join the group.