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SEO trends and brand journalism

Over the weekend I read several articles around the idea that keywords in SEO may be dead and that business owners and marketers may need to consider a new approach. The main theory that has emerged is that replacing specific keywords with topics and general ideas may help as the artificial intelligence driving search engines improves. After reading all of the information and inspecting the facets of several ideas in thought leadership on the topic, I came to the conclusion that brand journalism and content driven marketing efforts are the answer that most of these camps are pointing to. It seems to me that the fields are full of yesterday’s ideas, and what we’re saying at Mooncalf Press seems to be one of the few voices in the wilderness that calls out from miles ahead.

Although I read several articles on this topic over the weekend, they all came back to one blog that seemed to be driving the conversation. The blog was over on Moz is an SEO company themselves and has a place for people in the industry to post blogs in and around the idea of online marketing and SEO, One of these blogs was by Sam Nemzer who works with SEO at Distilled, which is a UK-based creative content and digital PR firm. Here is a link to the original article:

Are keywords really dead

The basic question is whether or not Google AI is adept at understanding natural language and whether or not it can process context and meaning instead of just searching for specific words in a set of text. To test it, Sam runs an experiment pitting topical SEO head to head with keyword SEO. His results were that both topical and keyword SEO might still be very necessary, and for now companies can take a mixed approach to how they look at SEO. But he also hints at that in the future, as SEO changes, that topical SEO may edge out as the winner.

While I was very interested in all of what he had to say and loved looking through the data, I thought about our client base here in Georgia and how we should advise our clients going forward.

Mooncalf Press would tell anyone that would listen that no matter if you are working on keywords or topics, if you are not creating compelling and shareable content it does not matter whether your SEO is topical or keyword.

Ultimately, what we believe is that SEO is just a backdrop to the content. A ton of keywords might get a high ranking on a Google search, but what happens when the computer’s search ends and the human takes over? If your content is not compelling and provides the information the human is searching for, all the SEO in the world won’t keep that human on your website and focused on your content. Real, authentic content is what is going to keep people at your website.

Based on the research I did over the weekend, I’m proud to say that I feel like Mooncalf Press is two steps ahead of everyone else. Yes, SEO and keywords and topical SEO all matter, but authentic and compelling content beats all of that.

Brand journalism beats out SEO because even if you rank high in a search, if no one reads what you’re writing and becomes engaged in your content, your search engine ranking won’t help your company.

Please take the time to know about SEO and understand keywords. If you need help in that area please let us know. More importantly, find moments in your everyday work that help you connect with your client base, find interesting and fun subjects to video and write about. Be authentic and humanize yourself and your company, because that connection will win you more clients than a keyword ever will.

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