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At Mooncalf Press, we are your company’s newsroom.

Our passion is helping small business owners tap into the opportunities created by websites and social media to build deep and lasting relationships with customers and potential customers, and we do this by creating a content marketing strategy that shares the story of your company.

Mooncalf Press combines more than two decades of experience in sales and marketing with more than two decades of experience in journalism. That combined experience gives us a unique perspective in creating small business marketing content that is both compelling and valuable in your marketing strategy.

Our principals, Ken Sawyer and Rob Peecher, met in college in the early 1990s. During that time they worked together on the college newspaper and then formed a small, unofficial literary magazine. In naming that magazine, they used a blindfold and a dictionary, and the random word they selected was “mooncalf.”

Rob can still recite the meaning in the dictionary: “’Someone, especially a young person, who stares at the moon.’ The second definition was, ‘An idiot.’ It was kind of perfect for what we were doing, I suppose. So that was how we named our first venture together – Mooncalf Press. When Ken and I decided to form this company, it just seemed natural that after 20-something years we would go back to the name of that magazine.”

What makes Mooncalf Press different from other online marketing firms is the dedication to help small business owners.

Both Ken and Rob owned small businesses prior to starting Mooncalf Press. Ken had a small retail shop, and Rob owned a weekly newspaper.

“We understand the struggle that small business owners face,” Ken said. “From regulations and taxes to the issues that come with having employees and making payroll to the difficult tasks of getting customers through the door, we completely get the challenges that small business owners face. And that’s why it was important to us to form a company that exists to help small business owners. From consulting to education to content creation, our goal is give the business owners we work with clarity to their marketing and a strategy so that their marketing efforts aren’t helter-skelter.”

Rob’s oldest son, Harrison, is the third principal in the business. Harrison has been professionally shooting and editing video since 2010. He started by filming sporting and other events for his father’s newspaper when he was just a freshman in high school. By the time they formed Mooncalf Press, Harrison already had five years of experience shooting and editing video.

Beyond content creation, Mooncalf Press offers other avenues for small business owners to take control of their digital marketing efforts.

Through The Brand Journalism Course, we help small business owners get clarity on their digital marketing. In the course, business owners learn why they should worry about building an audience and how to connect with that audience. They learn how to create their own online marketing content: From social media posts to blog articles to videos. In the course they also learn how to utilize our 8+4 Strategy to create a content marketing plan that will carry them through a full year.

If you’re interested in working with a content marketing agency, hit the “contact us” button and let’s see how Mooncalf Press can help you grow your business.


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