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Marketing your company’s story

How does Mooncalf Press help you connect with customers and build relationships?

We do it by leveraging your company’s story. We create content based around your company’s story that is engaging, shareable and authentic.

Jean recently started a business making stained glass. When we sat down with her and talked to her about her company’s story, we formed a strategy for telling her story that would help her connect with new customers.

Her stained glass studio is in a garage at her home in Georgia. The studio has a story all its own – part household storage and part stained glass business. We thought it made for a perfect element in sharing her company’s story, and we created a virtual tour of her studio.

Now, whether it’s a customer who lives three houses down or a potential customer who lives in Virginia or Colorado, this video helps to forge the kind of brand awareness Jean is looking for. When people are thinking about unique gifts or decorative pieces they want for themselves, they’ll remember the woman whose father-in-law built her work tables for her!

We can’t always guarantee the same results, but we will share that the in the first two days the video was up on Jean’s site, hits on her website increased 281 percent from the entire previous month. Shareable content will drive potential customers to your doorstep!

Check out the video, and if you think your business can benefit from building relationships with customers and potential customers, get in touch with Ken at ken@mooncalfpress.com and let’s talk about what Mooncalf Press can do for your company!