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How to market my business through a blog

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Small business owners often get stuck when they try to use their blog to market their business.

The problem typically comes from one of a couple of different issues. Either the business owner is uncomfortable writing a blog post or the business owner gets stuck figuring out what to write about.

Neither of these issues is insurmountable, and we encourage business owners to find solutions and start using their blog, because it will become a powerful selling tool if used properly.

Often, businesses pay thousands of dollars to get a website, and many pay hundreds of dollars monthly to work with SEO companies that keep them in the top spot on search engines.

But if your website doesn’t have an active blog with frequent updates, it’s little more than a listing on the internet.

But an active blog where you share information that is valuable to your customers and potential customers will take you from just have the top spot on a Google search to actually populating the first, second and even the third page on Google.

Consider our example.

When we first started with our company website, we decided we wanted to write content that we believed would give us a good ranking on search engines for a couple of specific searches. We wrote just a couple of blog articles, focusing on our keywords, and within a couple of months we went from being on the sixth page of a Google search for those specific terms to have the top three positions on the first page of a Google search and then having multiple spots on the following several pages.

With two blog posts!

What this proved to us is that authentic content and frequent activity on a blog can dramatically improve how your business appears in searches.

It’s critical to understand what your industry keywords are and to make sure that you are naturally using those on your blog posts.

But in this way, you can move from having a business listing on the internet (think of it like a listing in the phone book) and begin to have a resource for your customers and potential customers where you teach them how to work with your service or product. You can direct content to specific segments of customers. You can shape your content in such a way that you actually target the consumers who can make you the most money.

So if you’ve got a static website with an inactive blog and its usefulness is limited to providing your customers and potential customers with your phone number, maybe it’s time to get serious about really marketing your business online.

But that brings us back around to the objections most small business owners have when they think about digital marketing and blog writing: They don’t know what to write and they are not comfortable writing.

We can help small business owners who want to use their blog.

In THE BRAND JOURNALISM COURSE, we offer small business owners an understanding of how to create content that will resonate, inform, and capture the attention of your customers and potential customers. We teach small business owners how to plan this content and find stories that will allow them – spending no more than three or four hours a month – to produce the kind of content that will help them populate the results on search engines.

Beyond that, we offer solid tips that will teach anyone to write like a journalist. You might not be the next Hemingway, but we can teach you some tricks that will remove some of the pain of blog writing – even for people who aren’t particularly comfortable with writing.

So if you are ready to get started on a plan that will dramatically improve not only how your potential customers find you but also what they find when they come to your website, please follow the link to the Brand Journalism Course.

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