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Legacy content is an important element in online marketing

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When small business owners meet with us to talk about their online or digital marketing strategies, what we always emphasize to them is that authenticity is the most important thing they can do in their content marketing.

Your customers and potential customers will sniff it out in a hurry if you’re not being real with them. And if they get a sense that you’re faking it, those customers are going to become your competition’s customers.

If you’re looking for authentic content to employ in your digital marketing plan, your story is the key.

As Ken says in this video: “Your story and the story surrounding your business can be one of the most compelling things you can ever tell someone who wants to do business with you.”

Sometimes your story is what’s referred to as “legacy content.”

That’s the story of how your business started and how it got where it is today. Most of the legacy content we do typically falls on a client’s “About Us” page. But for small businesses, legacy content can be very compelling. Most small businesses didn’t start without a good story.

Ken and I formed Mooncalf Press over pizza in Winder, Georgia (which is halfway between my home outside of Athens and his home in Gwinnett County) in August of 2015, but it is also the name of an underground newspaper we started back in the early 1990s when we were roommates at Georgia College.

Part of our legacy content is the friendship we’ve had since we were in college together. When we both owned separate businesses – Ken had a retail shop in Buford, Ga., and I had a newspaper in Oconee County, Ga. – we used to meet at that same pizza shop in Winder and share the joys and sorrows of small business ownership.

Obviously, what is most important to our clients is that Ken has 20 years of experience in marketing for small and mid-level businesses, and I have 20 years of experience in journalism. Our separate backgrounds are what make us one of the top brand journalism marketing firms in the Atlanta area.

But by telling our story in our own marketing content, we’re able to start building a relationship with our clients before we ever sit down to that first meeting.

If you’re looking for tips on how to build a brand journalism campaign to use in your online marketing strategy, I would encourage you to follow our video series “Tips & Tricks.” These are short videos that offer a few ideas that you can incorporate into your online and social media marketing.

And if you’d like to sit down and find out how Mooncalf Press can help you build a long-term strategy for website content and social media marketing, please give Ken a call at 770-846-4715.