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Join our 4-week video marketing challenge

Video marketing

Video marketing is one way for you to gain traction on social media for your small business. Several months ago, Mooncalf Press started a closed group on Facebook where we invite business owners to discuss with us all things digital marketing.

Each week we talk about brand journalism, content marketing, website marketing, and social media marketing. We post articles and videos, and on Thursdays we do a live video inside the group.

The interaction and feedback from business owners in the group has been very positive, and we believe that the business owners in the group find it to be a useful resource for generating ideas about digital marketing for small businesses.

One of the things we focus on is video marketing. We’ve done a series where we talked about Youtube as a marketing tool. Some of the business owners in the group have also shared some of the successes they’ve had with video marketing.

Because we believe that video is an extremely powerful tool in your brand journalism and content marketing toolbox, we decided to encourage the members of the group to join us in a 4-week video marketing challenge.

We’re also encouraging any other small business owner who is interested in learning more about small business digital marketing to request to join the closed Facebook group and join us in the video marketing challenge.

If you own a small business and would like to join this free group and see if it can also be a resource for you in marketing your business, please click the link and we will add you to the group.


If you do join, please jump on board with the video marketing challenge. We think you will find it to be an amazing success for you in your business!