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How do you use digital marketing for your small business

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Digital marketing for your small business

Do an online search for courses that teach digital marketing, and what you’ll quickly discover is that most of what exists out there is designed for people who want to become digital marketers.

You’re not looking for a new career in digital marketing. You already have a career, and if you are like most small business owners, your business eats up a tremendous amount of your time. You don’t want to take college level courses designed to make you an expert in metrics and understanding algorithms.

What you want is a nuts-and-bolts course that gives you real strategies for marketing the business you already have and help you to connect with your customers in a deeper way that’s going to raise your brand awareness and brand loyalty.

The best way to think about digital marketing is to think of your online presence in the same way you think about the community where you work. To effectively run your business, you are already building relationships inside your community. You stress good customer service to your employees. You get to know your customers. You help them by answering their questions about your product or service. You are engaged in your community through networking groups or the chamber of commerce. Most likely you volunteer with civic organizations or charities in your community, or you donate money to causes that are important to you.

Through the relationships you build in your community you are leading your customers and potential customers to make a buying decision with you. And you are counting on your customers to give you good word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals.

This is all real-world marketing. When you help a customer, that’s marketing. When you write a check to the high school boosters club, that’s marketing. When your employee greets a customer at the door, that’s marketing.

This is all part of the story of your business, and to translate this real-world marketing into digital marketing, you have to start telling those stories that surround your business. By telling those stories through digital content – blog articles or videos or posts on social media – you can begin to build the same types of relationships online in the digital world that you build every day in the real world.

When we consult with our clients, we teach them how to leverage the story surrounding their company to build these important connections with their customers and potential customers.

In 2016, we wrote a book (DIY BRAND JOURNALISM) to help other small business owners better understand how storytelling marketing online can build their business and drive customers through their door. Like the customers we consult with, people who read the book found the information invaluable and many of them asked us for more.

So now we are launching THE BRAND JOURNALISM COURSE – a 12-week, online course designed to teach small business owners how to tell their story in a compelling way, a way that will help them grow their audience online, help with SEO on their company website, and – most importantly – it will help small business owners know how to build real-world relationships with customers and potential customers in a digital world.

If you think you’d like to learn more about the Brand Journalism Course and discover if it is a solution for you to learn how to market your business online, then click the link and get started on a path of learning how small business owners can capture an online audience and translate that into customers coming through the door.