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Build a better digital marketing content plan

build a digital marketing content plan

Many small business owners struggle to implement a meaningful digital marketing content plan and strategy, and the reason they struggle is often because this new way of marketing is foreign to what they used to do.

Traditional advertising platforms – radio and newspaper ads or billboards, mailers or even pay-per-click campaigns – aren’t really working the way they used to, and so we find that small business owners are looking to online content as a way to bridge the gap.

But when they start to get into the weeds of figuring out the best way to market their business successfully, they’re lost.

Sometimes it’s the basics – they know they need a website and that website needs to be mobile friendly, but they’re not even sure of the best way to develop the website. They know they need a social media platform, but they’re not sure which options – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn – are best for their business.

At Mooncalf Press, we understand these struggles that small business owners face as they try to build their business and expand their customer base.

Ken has worked in the areas of marketing, branding, advertising, networking and business development for two decades. He has worked as a marketing consultant for a broad range of B2B and B2C clients. He worked with companies that started out dumping too much money into marketing strategies that didn’t work, and he was able to adjust their business development plans in ways that would allow them to meet their goals.

He showed them how to direct their marketing efforts at the things that made them the most money and to find ways to creatively market their business to the right kinds of customers.

In the 20 years Ken worked with small business owners to help them achieve their goals, he saw how marketing, advertising and public relations began to change as more and more people went online for information. With the advent of social media, he saw the opportunity for businesses to make direct contact and build personal relationships with customers.

Even today, when almost everyone goes to Facebook to make weekend plans or Pinterest to find a recipe for dinner, very few small business owners are seeing the potential for establishing personal connections with their customers.

At Mooncalf Press, we excel at helping companies build these authentic, personal relationships through digital content and social media marketing. We employ brand journalism strategies that were adopted several years ago by Fortune 500 companies. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to hire corporate newsrooms the way Coca-Cola or McDonalds do, but we can scale these efforts and make them affordable to small business owners.

So if you’re feeling lost in a sea of digital marketing options and can’t find the right direction, we have some resources that can help. First, on our blog we routinely post suggestions for how you can improve your digital marketing plan. Second, we’ve written a book, DIY BRAND JOURNALISM, that goes into detail about our theories behind brand journalism and how it can help small businesses, and we point to specific case studies to help small business owners reading the book relate our ideas to their own business. Third, you can sign up for our digital newsletter which will give you weekly ideas for how you can quickly and easily improve your digital marketing. Fourth, you can watch our videos on YouTube where we have several videos in which we discuss the best ways to market your business through your website and social media accounts.

If you want to get started on your content marketing, we would encourage you to scroll down: – Watch the video, check out our book and sign up for our newsletter.

Ken talks about the step by step process

to get your company a sucessful digital marketing plan

Check out DIY Brand Journalism

To find out how build a digital marketing content plan

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