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Details on the #4WEEKS8VIDEOS Challenge

Interested in the #4WEEKS8VIDEOS Challenge

We’ve gotten some questions from folks who are interested in the #4WEEKS8VIDEOS Challenge we’re doing in the Small Business Digital Marketing Group on Facebook, so we wanted to provide some of the details.

If you follow our blog or any of the work we do, you know that we believe video is one of the best ways for a small business owner to connect with customers and potential customers.

A lot of the small business owners we know are reluctant to use video, but we’re convinced that you have to get over your objections to video because it is becoming increasingly important to how you market your business online.

So that’s why we launched the #4WEEKS8VIDEOS Challenge – to get you excited about using video to market your business.

What we’re looking for is a simple 90-second video. If it runs to 2 minutes are we going to freak out and yell at you? Of course not. But twice a week for the next four weeks, we want you to shoot a short video that tells a story around your business.

Every Monday and Wednesday (starting on May 8) we will post a prompt in the Small Business Digital Marketing Facebook Group. You can use the prompt, or if you prefer you can shoot a video about a different subject. The prompt is designed to give you something to talk about.

Once you’ve finished your 90-second video, just upload it directly to Facebook.

Simple as that.

So who is in? Who’s going to join us in the #4WEEKS8VIDEOS Challenge?

If you’re not already a member of the Small Business Digital Marketing Group on Facebook, you will need to join so that you can see the prompts and, if you want, post examples of what you’ve been doing.

This should be fun. It should be easy. And at the end of May, we think you will discover that a few short videos have dramatically improved your ability to connect with your customers and potential customers.