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How to use a content marketing strategy to market your small business

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Most business owners understand that they need to use the blog on their website to market their business, but they have no idea how to do that. You need a content marketing strategy to market your small business that works.

They struggle to come up with ideas for generating content.

At Mooncalf Press, when we work with small business owners to market their business, our company employs a content marketing strategy called “brand journalism.” This is a marketing strategy used by large corporations – McDonalds and Coca-Cola are among the corporations using “corporate newsrooms” to generate marketing content.

Through our work helping small business owners market their businesses, we’ve devised a way for small companies to take this concept of brand journalism and scale it to make it possible for small business owners to implement a brand journalism strategy for their business.

We structured this in such a way that any small business owner could spend four hours or less a month to create the kind of content that will have a huge impact on their company.

Through brand journalism, the struggle to come up with ideas for content disappears because the focus of your marketing becomes telling the stories that surround your business.

That’s all brand journalism is: Marketing through storytelling.

We divide content into a couple of different categories – “news” content and “human interest” content. About 60 percent of your content focuses on the “news” category – this is content that establishes your expertise in your industry. The other 40 percent focuses on “human interest” content – stories surrounding your business that will build a deeper emotional connection between you and your customers.

While we believe that the 40 percent of human interest content is what makes the biggest impact in terms of marketing your business, we know that the 60 percent of content that establishes your expertise is equally important for other reasons.

And what our clients begin to find is that over time – as the volume of content builds – a brand journalism marketing strategy has an enormous impact on a company’s brand loyalty and brand awareness.

Beyond that, brand journalism will significantly improve your company’s SEO rankings (without having to pay a company to “manage” your SEO).

A brand journalism marketing campaign can eliminate the need for costly billboard, newspaper, radio, and direct-mailer advertising. Your advertising dollars can be spent exclusively on social media at a fraction of the cost. You can build a content marketing strategy that is effective for your small business.

So if you find yourself among those business owners who know that they need to do something different with their digital marketing but you’re uncertain what to do, or if you want to spend less money on advertising and less time on marketing and get better results than you’ve been getting, we have a couple of solutions that you should check out.

We wrote a book titled “DIY Brand Journalism” in which we teach you how to approach digital marketing like the big corporations. We show exactly how you can turn your company’s website into a content marketing hub, and work that website hand-in-hand with your social media to transform your online marketing efforts.

The book is short – as small business owners ourselves, we didn’t want to waste a bunch of your time.

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Or, if you need more in-depth instruction and you learn better by watching video and hearing directly from us, we have another option that will interest you.

In the coming weeks we are launching The Brand Journalism Course – a 12-week, online course complete with live support that will allow you to get a deeper understanding of how brand journalism can work for small businesses. For those who take the course, we will also offer each week live interaction with the instructors so that you can ask us questions directly about your specific situation. It will show you how to use a content marketing strategy to market your small business.

If this interests you, please provide your email address and we will send you details about the course closer to its launch!

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