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Your company website needs video marketing

Video marketing has become an increasingly popular form of digital content marketing, and current trends suggest that’s only going to increase.

Video marketing is an important part of your over all digital marketing strategy.
Harrison setting up video equipment as we get ready to shoot video for one of our clients.

All of the research we follow on the subject indicates that with increasing frequency people who are making buying decisions online are looking for a video to watch – a quick hit that lets them understand who you are and what your company is about. If the video is enough to make the person want to learn more, most people will still read articles you’ve posted on your blog (and those articles are still vitally important), but when they first arrive at your website, your potential customers want that quick, easy to understand, intro video before they delve too deep into your other content.

As small businesses seek to gain market share through digital marketing, it won’t be enough to simply have a website with a list of goods and services.

When clients engage us, over the course of several months we produce a body of work that provides a business the opportunity to engage its customers through both video and articles. One video on your website should lead to the next. Articles and videos that are related should be linked and probably packaged together. Some of your potential customers will prefer to watch a video while others prefer to read an article, and as people are making buying decisions, your company needs to offer them the information they want in the medium they want it.

Your YouTube channel should have several videos so that your potential customers have multiple opportunities to learn more about your company. YouTube is currently the second most popular search engine after Google. If you fail to create video to market your business, you’re failing to position yourself on the second highest-ranked search engine.

But you can’t ignore written content, either.

Search engine crawlers are still looking through keywords in the articles you post to find out whether or not your site is relevant to the search requested by the user. Technology doesn’t allow those crawlers to search the content of video, so written content is still just as important. And besides, there are still plenty of people who would rather read an article or a blog post than watch a video.

This is why the brand journalism we produce at Mooncalf Press is vital to small businesses.

For our clients, we build a combination of articles and video that give our clients the variety of information they need to connect, build relationships and engage people who are making a buying decision based on information they find online. And as we’ve noted before, research says that people are looking for eight to 12 pieces of information before making a buying decision, and most of the looking they do is online.

Authentic video that establishes your expertise in your industry, introduces your potential customers to you and your business, and features the benefits of your product or service are the sorts of videos that will engage your customers and potential customers. When reinforced with written content, these videos will improve your engagement and send customers through your door.

But video marketing doesn’t mean you need slick commercials. In fact, the easiest way to get people to browse over to your competition is by presenting them with a video that looks like a made-for-TV commercial. In the same way that people fast forward or flip channels through commercials on television, if they think you’re “selling” to them with a commercial, they’re likely to move on.

But that’s okay. Video that looks like a commercial can cost several thousand dollars. A short interview-style video or a video where the business owner talks about products or services (informational videos) will serve the company better than a slick video that nobody watches.

Compelling video marketing that is meaningful to your customers and potential customers is what we call “authentic” video. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even particularly scripted. Some of the best video we’ve shot with clients happened when we were having a conversation with them and they didn’t even realize the camera was recording.

If you want your company to stand out from the competition and engage customers in a unique way, now is the time to incorporate video marketing pieces into your digital marketing mix. We’ve seen outstanding results for our clients with brand journalism, and we can repeat those efforts for your company.