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Online marketing should never be a mystery for small business owners

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We met last week with a new client in Athens, Georgia, who has been struggling with website content and understanding how best to use her company’s social media accounts. We talked initially about what she’s done in the past for marketing and then we described to her how we approach brand journalism and adding a […]

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What does brand journalism look like?

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Sometimes we get the questions, “What does brand journalism look like? What does it mean, and how does it work?” Brand journalism is basically just storytelling. When a company hires us to help with their marketing, we take on that project in the same way that a newsroom would cover a news story. We interview […]

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Marketing your company’s story

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How does Mooncalf Press help you connect with customers and build relationships? We do it by leveraging your company’s story. We create content based around your company’s story that is engaging, shareable and authentic. Jean recently started a business making stained glass. When we sat down with her and talked to her about her company’s […]