How to brand your small business

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Building brand

Building brand for your company through brand journalism can be very effective. Small business owners hear all the time that they’ve got to do a good job of branding their business if they want their business to be successful, but it’s sometimes difficult to understand even what “brand” means.

Some business owners will be content to get a really good logo and then have the expectation that their product or service will be sufficient to establish the brand that the logo represents.

While providing a good product or service is vitally important to building a quality brand, the product or service you sell will never be sufficient by itself to building brand.

Building brand is establishing the culture around your product or service. It is making your customers and potential customers understand what your brand is about.

Is it enough for Coca-Cola that they make a tasty fizzy drink?

Of course not.

In today’s market, consumers have to feel a connection to Coca-Cola. They have to know that Coke is a global corporation and that the company’s culture cares about issues like clean water in developing nations or local school systems in the United States.

Coca-Cola’s brand offers its customers an “experience.”

This is why Coca-Cola has an online magazine (Journey) that tells the stories around the company and helps its customers to understand Coke’s values as a corporation. Coke’s brand is not a tasty fizzy drink. Coke’s brand is a culture.

The same thing is true for Apple. Apple doesn’t sell computers and tech gadgets. Apple sells a culture, a way of life. An experience. Apple’s brand is not an iPhone or a tablet. Apple’s brand is what owning an Apple says about Apple’s customers. And what it says is that people who buy Apple products buy into the Apple culture.

Jeeps are another great example of a corporation that has turned its brand into a way of life. When you see someone driving down the road in a Jeep Wrangler that has no doors and has no top, you know that the person driving that car has bought into the lifestyle that Jeep’s brand represents.

Our clients are small business owners, and for them it’s often difficult to understand how they can turn their brand into a culture when they do not have the resources of a Coca-Cola or an Apple or a Jeep. Most of our clients are splitting time working in their company, working on their company, and trying to have a quality of life when they leave the shop at the end of the day. Establishing a culture around their brand seems like an impossible challenge.

But even small companies are able to leverage the story that surrounds their business in the same way that large corporations do. Sure – it has to be scaled for the resources of the company. But the folks we work with find that in just a couple of hours a month – no more than one hour a week – they can produce compelling content around their company’s story. And that content, generated over a period of time and fed to consumers through social media, can establish the culture around their brand.

We teach our clients where to find the stories inside their company that are worth telling. We teach them the tools and techniques they need to effectively tell that story. We teach them how to use their company’s social media accounts to effective raise brand awareness and brand loyalty. Because building brand for your small business is a great way to influence your overall market

And what this means for our clients is that they are able to build relationships with customers and potential customers who truly understand their company’s values and what the company’s brand represents.

If you are a small business owner and you want to begin to understand how to leverage your story to build your brand and develop deep connections with your customers and potential customers, we would encourage you to follow the link and learn more about THE BRAND JOURNALISM COURSE.

This 12-week course teaches you – in the same way we teach our clients – to leverage your story to build your brand.