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What is brand journalism and how does it help with marketing?

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When we tell clients that we are a “brand journalism” marketing company, we’re understandably greeted with perplexed looks.

Most small business owners are not familiar with the phrase “brand journalism,” though we find that they intuitively understand that concept.

So what is brand journalism?

In essence, we’re a content creation company. Most of our clients are in the Athens and Gwinnett County area, but we work with companies throughout Northeast Georgia, Atlanta and even in South Carolina.

We create content focused on enhancing brand awareness and brand loyalty, and we do this by creating content through a filter of what’s referred to as “brand journalism.”

This simply means that whether it’s written articles, photographs, or video posted to websites and social media, we tell the stories that surround your business. And through these stories, your customers and potential customers will get to know you better. And as we all understand, people want to do business with people they know.

Brand journalism as a marketing tool was conceived in the marketing departments of large corporations. Over the past decade, corporations have been creating “corporate newsrooms” to produce brand journalism content.

Our idea was to bring the concept of brand journalism to small businesses. Most small business owners can’t afford to hire a professional writer, a professional photographer and a professional videographer to handle weekly and monthly marketing tasks, but we have scaled the corporate concept of brand journalism to an affordable size so that Mooncalf Press can become your company’s newsroom.

And we’re seeing it work for our clients. Social media engagement for our clients is better than it ever has been. Typically we see at least three times the engagement with content we produce than the content our clients were using prior to hiring us. Website traffic is up. Our content allows our clients to not just hit the first, second or third spot on a search return, but our clients are starting to populate search engine returns – three or four places on the first page of a Google return, and three or four places on the second, third and fourth pages of a Google return.

When a person searches for your industry in your area, how important would it be to your company to show up in multiple spots on multiple pages on that search return?

Brand journalism for small businesses focuses on three basic aspects of your company:

  1. Your expertise in your industry;
  2. The interesting and compelling stories that make your company unique; and
  3. The good you do in your community.

By telling these stories on your website and promoting these stories through your social media, we are able to raise brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty.

So while, at its essence, brand journalism is content creation, it is also much more than that. It is a better way of marketing your company, enhancing your brand, and increasing your profile among your customers and potential customers.

Brand journalism works with all types of business, regardless if you are B2B or B2C, sell a product or a service.

If you think you are ready to let your company’s stories drive your marketing, build deeper relationships with your customers and potential customers, and create content that will drive engagement on social media, then please contact us and let’s talk about how Mooncalf Press can help you market your business in a smarter, better way.

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