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Brand Journalism marketing moves your client from need to want

Brand Journalism marketing can help you build connections with your potential clients than any other form or marketing, branding, or advertising. It can also help build brand awareness and brand loyalty so that your raving fans can champion your small business in a very effective way. Brand journalism marketing at it’s heart is telling the story around your company with content that is authentic, compelling and shareable.

brand journalism marketing

Brand journalism is marketing that tells the story around your company. In today’s marketplace consumers are looking for content to connect them to the company they want to do business with. They are asking friends looking online, digging through social media, looking at reviews to find out who you are as a small business. As we move further away from real interaction and texting all the time as we isolate ourselves through our cell phone we are also seeking connection with the world around us.

Brand Journalism marketing is storytelling that can be a powerful way to make your client connections strong with and build relationships with your potential clients in your market. That story is so important to separating you from your competition, because price is not the reason they will buy from you. Every company says they have the best prices and the best customer service. They even give out awards for customer service, but what does that even mean. The problem you have is that you should move them from a need to a want. When a customer needs a new air conditioner they just shop price and someone will have it cheaper than you, but when they want to buy it from your company because they have a relationship with your small business.

The relationship marketing revolution

Moving from need to want is such a powerful part of your content marketing piece that you should spend time to produce brand journalism marketing pieces. Make sure that you are spending the time to build relationships by establishing you as an expert in your field. Move them with compelling content that they want to share and talk to their friends about. Think of your small business as a producer of a TV show or magazine. What would your clients want to know to buy from you? What are their biggest questions and how can your marketing content address their needs. Take time to be authentic and use you’re the expertise you should help them in a meaningful way. That will help them consider you first when the time is right. Is brand journalism marketing right for you? Start by asking yourself when was the last time I actually watched a commercial. If it has been a while then you can not ignore what brand journalism marketing can do for your small business.

When you need help with building a marketing and branding plan, or if you need help managing the marketing content that is going out on your social media, please consider us. Mooncalf Press can help you in one off projects or yearlong marketing campaigns that are authentic, compelling and shareable. We help bring you clients so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

Ken Sawyer

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